We  understand your needs, we analyse your problems and deliver a simple solution to your complicated business scenarios. For us providing a service is not just delivering an end product but also to bring a revolutionary positive growth into your business. All this we do in an affordable price.

We are a web and mobile solution based company. Our services start from web development and web designing and extend to development of applications in native mobile platforms like Google’s android to Apple’s ios. We also develop hybrid applications which work in all the platforms of both web and mobile. We are responsive not only in our attitude but also in the design of our applications. We understand the online business’ survival depends on its brand. So we have creative people in our team to provide a service of logo creation and brand development.

We begin with the end in mind.

We follow agile software development life cycle and involve client in every scrum call. A single iteration lasts for two weeks and we continuously integrate the code and put it into the servers which the client can review at any time.
We deliver the end product not only with the well working functionality but also with the subtleties the client wants.


Hybrid Mobile Development

We develop applications which work in different platforms of both web and mobile. Our developers achieve this by responsive web design, a web design experience which is consistent with the altering screen sizes of different devices (laptop,tablet,smart phone etc). Also our developers use phonegap technology to let this responsive web code work in different native mobile platforms(android,IOS etc).

IOS Development

We have experts in our team who are well versed in IOS products and also have thorough understanding of IOS sdk, who are proven objective-c developers who can deliver the IOS applications which are fully functional, user friendly and beautifully designed. Of course scalable and robust.

Android Development

Utilising the complicated android sdk platform, our Java wizards develop android apps which are robust and scalable.

Web Development

Either frontend or backend we have experts in our team who are technically strong and creatively effective in the area of web development. And we deliver fully functional and  intuitive web applications to our clients.

Web Designing

Apart from functionality, look and feel of the website is also important. We have creative heads with artistic insights who can make beautiful websites without compromising the  functionality.

Logo Creation / Branding

We trust branding is important for survival of any online business and so creative heads in our team provide you with the service of logo creation and branding. Our logos are simple and our branding is effective.