We are, therefore we evolve, in the process we help others to evolve.

This is the core value of our company-Ednith. Solving a real life global problem for a better world is our mantra.

Our endeavour is to use modern technology combined with innovation to provide a simple solution to a complex business problem. We not only provide a web and mobile solutions to varying business sectors of our customers but also release innovative products into the market aiming to increase the personal productivity in day to day life of our end user.

We are a Bangalore based web and mobile solution company. We are a team of passionate programmers and developers who share a common vision and values of solving practical problems this world is facing. We are both service and product based company.

Our services include hybrid development, ios development, android development, web development, web designing, logo creation and branding.

We are technology experts of both frontend and backend having enough experience and exposure in the domains of web and mobile.

Having innovation at heart we provide simple solutions to the complex business and real life problems!

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